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home of vince carter,
National Cheer Finals,
National Wresting
National Weighlifting

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      Pull up a bar stool, grab a beer (or two) and try to keep up! What started in Daytona Beach as a business idea between two real estate masterminds grew into what we now call The World's Most Famous Brewery. The owners, along with a few partners, banded together the World's Most Famous Group of Investors to create an atmosphere that lived up to its name (afterall, we are at the World's Most Famous Beach.) Krista Goodrich, alongside partner Tom Caffrey aspired to open a spot on Main Street with the vision of creating a connection through something we all can say we love in any shape, form, fashion, or color, and that's BEER. Krista goodrich, AKA Boss Lady Investor, was making waves in her niche industry one step above Painting with a Twist, known as the Pallet Pub. The Pallet Pub was centered around grabbing a beer, while learning a woodworking skill that presented you with a nice custom sign to take with you as you proudly stumbled away, knowing what you had just created (such signs as "5 Stars, would poop here again" hanging in the bathroom). Enter in partner Tom McCaffery, and his love of craft beer. If you were to ask about craft beer or brewery  in Daytona Beach at the time, the best answer you might have got, was Total Wine. Not with Tom. Tom had an answer for what was on everyone's mind, why there is no craft beer in Daytona?! The Pallet Pub opened up in Daytona Beach in Main Street early 2019. Opening its doors with an eight seater bar top, a mini fridge, and a few old bowling tables from what used to be Halifax Lanes in Ormond Beach offering pallet classes. 

     Now you might be wondering, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH A BREWERY? Part of the Small Business Big Minded team of the World's Most Famous group of investors, offered E-Bike rentals for the growing excitement of exploring Daytona and its beautiful weather on and electric bike, alongside what most of the Daytona shores would know as the HOPCYCLE (refer to exhibit 2b). As you can BYOB, customers could bring any beer they could IMAGINE, and that's Exactly what Tom Betts, Mr. Brewmaster and his Cellar Wench Tif, did. They brought their own, home made, one of a kind, home brewed beer. So if You're reading this, you know how that went! In our own backyard of Daytona beach, steadily growing homebrewing team, (previously known as Betts Brewing) but now World's Most Famous Brew team of Tif and Tom, had planted their seed into what has now grown into Daytona Beaches FIRST Beachside Brewery! With the now unstoppable team focused on growing and creating a Brewery scene not just in Daytona but in all surrounding counties and Florida as a whole, we set our sights on new journeys! Upgrading to a 5 Barrel System, Additions of rooftop patio, the World's Most Famous Tuesday Night Jamaway, and an ever growing family, partnerships, and community relationships that expand beyond our doors, we want to proudly claim back the title WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS BEACH, right here in Daytona Beach Florida! Come try one of our World's Most Famous Featured Taps, or sign up for one of the World's Most Famous Jenga Tournaments, take a picture by the World's Most Famous Wings (Exhibit no'ones counting), or just enjoy the World's Most Famous Time.


     The World's Most Famous Brewery is a place in Daytona where you can feel at home no matter how many miles away that might be!​ From Spring Break forming what we now know as MTV, 100,000 of thousands of Motorcycles gathering in once a year, from every part of the country, National Jeep Beach Week, all the way to The DAYTONA 500 (and yes the list goes on forever, see exhibit 3c). 

Daytona Beach IS THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS PLACE TO BE. At Least now that it deserves to be.

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Major Partners

As the Worlds Most Famous brewery, we strive to achieve the title of hosting some of the Worlds Most Famous Beers from anywhere and everywhere! Check out some of the names we have to compliment some of the best beer on Tap!


We are Wolrd's Most Famous!



Beachside Brew!

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